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More about Darn Good Thoughts...


I'm Nicola, creator of Darn Good Thoughts and I'm a big fan of all things that make you feel good! 

Over the past few years I've loved doing a bit of embroidery, mainly in the evening, on a cosy couch.

There's something about the slow rhythm of  stitching that always helps me to unwind. 

The Darn Good Hoop Kits have been designed to embrace this feeling of relaxation and wellbeing so that long after your hoop is completed, it can continue to bring a little bit of calm or inspiration to your home.

I've sourced materials that feel good, look good and have the least impact on the planet. 

Darn Good Hoop Kits include sustainable wooden hoops produced in the UK, 

recycled linen, organic cotton and recycled packaging.

Find out more about our materials on the Darn Good Planet page. 

Finally, whilst we're doing good for ourselves and the planet it's good to know that we're doing good for others too right? So at least 10% of what you pay for your Darn Good Hoop Kit will go directly to small charities who make a big difference to the wellbeing of communities in the UK and World Wide.

Find find out more on our Darn Good Planet page. 

So, that's it!

Feel free to have a mooch around and if you'd like to know more about Darn Good Thoughts please send a note to

With Good Wishes

From Nicola x

(And my darn good family - who all help with tech, packing boxes and detangling bits of thread!)


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